About Me

Iyanifa IfaseyeE kaabo! Welcome!

I am Iyalode Ifaseye (“aka Iya Ibeji), an Iyanifa in the traditional Yoruba culture. I am initiated into the priesthoods of Ifa, Osun and Orisanla under the late Chief Ifagbade Oduniyi (Araba of Sagamu) in Sagamu, Ogun State, Nigeria. I am also initiated into the priesthood of Egbe under Yeye Princess Adedoyin Talabi Faniyi in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria. I received the honor of the chieftaincy title, “Iyalode Egbe Atorise”, in May 2016 officiated by the High Chief Priest and other elders at Ogunda Meji Temple in Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria.

Although not a native to the Yoruba tradition, my knowledge of the culture and its spiritual practices has increased considerably since I began this path. Recognizing that learning continues throughout the course of a lifetime, I will always be Omo Oko ‘Fa…a student of Ifá. As such, my studies continue under the guidance of Chief Babalawo Adewale Bogunmbe.

As passionate as I am about continuing to learn and increasing my knowledge in all aspects of the Yorùbá tradition, I am equally as passionate about sharing information with others. Knowledge must be accurately passed on to others so that this tradition will continue for generations to come with each generation further strengthening the foundation before handing it over to the next.

Ifá says, we should not pretend to know things that we don’t know. I certainly don’t know everything but I invite you to follow along as I make footprints along the path of my journey to destiny fulfillment through gained knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. I welcome respectful comments and feedback from all.

Ire o! 🌻