False Evidence Appearing Real

All too often we allow false perceptions to determine and control outcomes in our life. Each of us were born with a specific purpose. This was marked by Olodumare — even before our physical existence. We have dreams, aspirations and expectations. And rightly so, we have desire to experience the manifestation of who we are made to be. But what happens when fear becomes a hindering presence in our earthly journey?

I think all will agree that absence of fear would negatively impact our life. After all, it is fear that let’s us know when we are in danger or when certain actions will yield undesired results. But while fear can work for us, it can also work against us. But only if we allow it.

Fear can interrupt who we are destined to become. It can trick us into believing that we are not able when, in fact, we are fully capable. It can make us stagnant as we become frozen in its trenches and traps of self-doubt, resulting in missed opportunities and successes in our life.

In order to live our best life, we must control fear; it must not control us. We can either…forget everything and run or face everything and rise. The choice is ours. When we choose to face everything and rise we partner with destiny to manifest our purpose. We also exercise courage by moving forward in spite of the fears we hold within ourselves. Most importantly, we open way to accomplish amazing things.

Food for thought. Fear kills more dreams than failure ever could. At least we can learn valuable lessons from our failures. If we get caught up in the tangled web of fear, what will we gain? Nothing. If we move forward, in spite of our fears, what will we gain? The possibilities are endless.

Ire o! 🌻

2 thoughts on “False Evidence Appearing Real

  1. Aboru, aboye Iya! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I think fear was not even a part of the vocabulary of our ancestors who fought their oppressors on several fronts and overcame. They saw a better life for themselves and their children. Like those brave forefathers and mothers we have to substitute fear for success. Ire O!


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