Low Hanging Fruit

Being a perfectionist, I find it of vital importance to succeed at whatever it is I set out to do. To clarify, perfectionists DO NOT see themselves as perfect. In fact, quite the opposite. We tend to only focus on flaws and mistakes we make, resulting in determination to always get it right the first time. Whatever “it” is. Needless to say, we place a lot of pressure on ourselves.

Fear of failure and judgement are two of the biggest thorns in my side and, as a result, have caused me to pick low-hanging fruit when setting my sight on goals. The term low-hanging fruit refers to those tasks, actions or goals that may be most easily achieved. It describes an action that takes almost no effort.

Through self-discovery, I realized that I tend to strategically place myself in circumstances that increase my percentage for successful outcomes. If the risks are too high (i.e., failure) then I shy away. While low-hanging fruit can yield great accomplishments and successes, I also know that they don’t always yield fulfillment. In spite of my successes, I found myself in a space of feeling unaccomplished and incomplete.

My reasons for only selecting low-hanging fruits seems so silly now that I think about them. Not wanting others to view me as incompetent or a failure. Yes…fear of judgement. But what I’ve come to learn is that my fulfillment lies in the high-hanging fruit. The ones that scare me. The ones that make me doubt my competence. The ones that feel so far out of my reach.

For far too long, I denied not only myself of fulfillment, but the world of all that I have to offer. There are so many in need of what I bring to the table. My contribution is powerful! So here I am now…climbing the tree to snatch the fruit that hangs from the high branch. The branch where my fulfillment and destiny lies.

Ire o! 🌻

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