Traditional Yorùbá Terminology

This table contains various Yorùbá terminology used in my blog posts and will continue to build over time.



English Translation

Ábọrú Àbọyè Àbọṣíṣẹ[ah-buh-roo]
Greeting to an Ifá Priest. “May our offerings be accepted; may we have long life; may our prayers manifest.
Àṣẹ[ah-sheh]May it be so.
Awo[ah-wo]Student of Ifá studies.
Babaláwo[baba-la-wo]Male Ifá Priest.
Ẹbọ[eh-buh]A ritual performed on the Opon Ifa tray. Ebo helps to manifest good results.
Egúngún[eh-goon-goon]Spirit of our Ancestors in heaven.
Ìbà[ee-ba]To pay homage
Ibo[ee-bo]Offerings given to the Orisa.
Ifá[ee-fah]Ifá is the messages of Olódùmarè (Almighty God) sent to the world and interpreted by Orunmila to the mankind.
Ire[ee-ray]Blessings of good fortune
Irúnmọlẹ̀[ee-roon-muh-leh]The Orisa who came to earth from heaven
Iṣe’fa[ee-shay-fa]Ceremony to receive one hand of Ifá
Ìtẹ’fa[ee-teh-fa]Full initiation into the priesthood of Ifá
Mojùbà[mo-ju-ba]I pay homage
Obì Kola Nut[o-bee] [ko-la]Used with offerings to Ifá/Orisa. Also used for divination.
Iṣẹṣe[ee-sheh-shay]Isese refers to the cultural tradition and spiritual value among the Yoruba. The way of the ancestors.
Ogbó Ató[og-bo] [ah-to]Response of blessings given by an Ifá Priest. Long life, in good health.
Olódùmarè[o-lo-doo-ma-ray]God Almighty; The Most High
Iyereosun[ee-yeh-ray-o-soon]Yellow powder used for Ifá divination on the Opon Ifá
Opẹle[o-pueh-lay]Ifá divination tool
Opon Ifá[aw-pun ee-fah]Ifá divination tray
EerindinlogunCellConcerated cowrie shells used to perform divination