Fill A Backpack School Drive – 2022

With the right tools in hand, we all have the power to succeed. Please support me with putting some tools in the hands of disadvantaged children in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. I would like to fill at least one hundred (100) backpacks with grade appropriate school supplies and personally distribute them (in August 2022) in advance of the new school year.

My hope is to ultimately expand distribution to other areas of Oyo State as well. I have been personally covering most of the cost for this initiative and would greatly appreciate you joining me and my current supporters in this effort.

Each child will receive a new backpack and grade appropriate supplies such as:

  • folders, notebooks that meets local requirements, a package of pencils
  • a pair of safety scissors, glue sticks
  • a package of Post-its, 2 pens, a package of crayons
  • a pencil pouch, a ruler, eraser & pencil sharpener

Let’s ensure that these children get to enter the new school year feeling confident and prepared to succeed! Modupe! E se o! Thank you!!

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