Navigate Your Course

If we take heed to the guidance of our elders we will avoid many pitfalls in life and in turn, become better positioned to fulfill our goals and aspirations. Our destiny. They have walked the road before us, therefore, they possess gained wisdom that can help us to avoid unnecessary delays on our journey. That being said, sometimes, while drawing from the references of what our elders have taught us, we must also learn through our own experiences.

On my way to work this morning, I experienced an awakening that caused serious self-reflection. How engaged are you in fulfilling your destiny? Are you navigating your own path? Are you in control, or are you allowing life’s circumstances to control you? Continue reading

Character Reflections

Some years ago, an elder told me that characteristics we don’t like about others are flaws we see in ourselves. I didn’t quite understand the statement. I pondered on it instead of asking for further explanation. I thought to myself, does it mean that everyone I have issues with are reflecting traits I don’t like about myself? So, for example, if I recognize that someone is selfish, is it because I, too, am selfish? No way! Continue reading

Living Your Truth

Living our own truth is paramount for growth and development and applies to every aspect of our being. It creates the way for us to become who we were pre-destined to become. The views of society should not be the predominant basis that influence our thoughts and behaviors. Consider this. Society is a group of people who set stereotypical standards by which we are expected to live. Continue reading

Finding Inner Peace

I think it’s safe to say that we all would like to be in a state of peace. Whenever I thought about being at peace, I envisioned myself sitting next to a waterfall taking in the stillness and beauty of nature. I have since come to the realize, however, that peace is not external. It is internal. Associating peace with specific environments would only allow us to experience it conditionally and temporarily.
Continue reading


Orí wo ibi rere gbé mi dé.
Orí look for a good place and take me there.

Esè wo ibi rere sì mí gbá.
Feet follow me to that good place.

The Yorùbá meaning of Orí is head. It is described by some as our own personal god, our inner intuition that guides us through life. Orí is destiny. Without the guidance of Orí we cannot fulfill our destiny. We should always look to Orí for guidance. Our first prayer of each day should be offered to Orí. The Yorùbá lifestyle teaches us that our life here on earth is pre-destined and it is Orí who will lead us to the fulfillment of our destiny. Continue reading


Many have asked the question, “What is my life’s purpose? Why am I here?” Have you ever had the feeling that you are not living your life’s purpose? Or, on the contrary, do you believe that you are living life in accordance with your destiny? It is the belief of the Yoruba that we choose, before coming from heaven to earth, the type of life we will live…our destiny. Continue reading