Living Your Truth

Living our own truth is paramount for growth and development and applies to every aspect of our being. It creates the way for us to become who we were pre-destined to become. The views of society should not be the predominant basis that influence our thoughts and behaviors. Consider this. Society is a group of people who set stereotypical standards by which we are expected to live.

It is our individual selves who collectively make up this group who, if we allow, can have great influence over our being. This being so, why not live life according to the influence of our own thoughts and views? After all, aren’t we a part of that group who set the standards? Our own thoughts and views are just as valuable as the rest of our counterparts. Are they not?

We must be prepared for and become courageous to handle the possibility of shifts that may occur in the dynamics of our relationships with others. They will not always be in agreement with our views nor understand them. However, notliving our truth can cost us the core essence of who we are as individuals. At the end of the day we all must make our own footprints on earth. We can only achieve these marks by having the courage to be ourselves, even if it goes against the grain and general consensus of the society in which we live. When we live our own truth, the essence of who we are is brought to the surface. Everyone should be able to see the light within us. I’ve learned that, most times, people have the best intentions when imparting their advice and opinions. But I’ve also learned that their views and opinions are based on their life experiences coupled with their understanding (vast or limited) of the subject. Ultimately, the onus is on us, with guidance from Orí, to determine the truth we must live. Ire o!

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