Navigate Your Course

If we take heed to the guidance of our elders we will avoid many pitfalls in life and in turn, become better positioned to fulfill our goals and aspirations. Our destiny. They have walked the road before us, therefore, they possess gained wisdom that can help us to avoid unnecessary delays on our journey. That being said, sometimes, while drawing from the references of what our elders have taught us, we must also learn through our own experiences.

On my way to work this morning, I experienced an awakening that caused serious self-reflection. How engaged are you in fulfilling your destiny? Are you navigating your own path? Are you in control, or are you allowing life’s circumstances to control you?

It takes three trains to get me to work everyday. I entered the first train and then connected to the second train at my usual stop. During the ride to the next connection point to transfer to the third train, my mind shifted to auto pilot mode. I became disengaged.

Without realizing  that I’d gotten off at the wrong stop, I rushed across the platform to catch the third train before the door closed…practically pushing someone out of the way…well not really but I wanted to…LOL! Anyway, I boarded the train and positioned myself to make my exit at the next station…which I did. The station looked unfamiliar. I quickly realized that I was not at the right stop and then rushed to re-boarded the train just before the door closed. “Phew, I made it!”

All within a few seconds a flood of emotions came over me. I became discombobulated. I felt insecure. I felt vulnerable. “What the heck is going on?” I then became extremely annoyed when I realized what had just happened. I paused and thought to myself,”Why are you annoyed? Had you been paying attention this could have been avoided.” Without realizing it, I had transferred to the third train at the wrong connection point. I disregarded to the signs indicating the station. I disregarded the voice of the Conductor announcing the station. So…who could I have blamed for my predicament? Me, of course!

I then thought to myself, “Wow, this is an eye opener!” I realized that what I’d just experienced on a small scale could have negatively impacted my life in a big way under different circumstances. I realized that if I am not fully engaged in my life’s path, I give up the right to complain or cast blame when the outcome is not what I desire. At all times, I must be the captain of my ship; the one in control – at all times!

Thankfully, this incident was relatively harmless in its results and getting back on track was relatively easy. However, it took me a minute to overcome my disoriented state before I was able to continue forward. And not without cost. Avoidable time was wasted, resulting in my late arrival to work. This minor incident taught me that I must be engaged, present, focused and in control in order to successfully attain desired results.

There is a saying, “Destiny delayed is not destiny denied.” But really, do we want to keep repeating this phrase every time we’ve experienced avoidable undesired outcomes? We must be the navigators of our own paths so that we can see, anticipate, or at the least, prepare ourselves to handle the twists and turns on our road to destiny fulfillment. We must be fully engaged.

Ire o!

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