Orunmila Provides Direction

Being a Yoruba traditionalist, whenever I am in need of direction, I seek the advice of Orunmila through Ifa divination. Ifa is the holy corpus of messages from Olodumare (Almighty God) that is used to provide guidance to all. Interchangeably called Ifa, Orunmila delivers the messages of Ifa and speaks to us in past, present, and future.  Orunmila is Eleri-Ipin [eh-leh-ri ee-peen], the witness to each person’s destiny.

As with other spiritual or religious practices, Ifa tradition and culture has fixed doctrines that its devotees are expected to heed in order to enjoy a good life; however, everyone has his/her own destiny.  When Ifa divination is done we receive individual-specific information which provides direction, insight, and clarification that will help us to avert or avoid pitfalls of life.  While a common goal human beings share is to live the best life possible with good health, happiness, peace of mind, etc., tailored and customized guidance is needed to foster manifestation of our individual destiny. Eepa Orunmila!

Ire o!

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