Congratulations on a Successful Year!

E ku odun o! Happy New Year everyone! Congratulations on a successful 2017. Yes…successful. How do I know you had a successful year? It’s simple. You are alive. Being alive to see another year is the biggest success anyone can achieve. Why? Where there is life there is hope, possibility, and opportunity to achieve your goals.

So yes…in spite of any challenges, 2017 was a successful year for all of us. By the grace of Olodumare (Almighty God), you have successfully completed the requirements to ensure that your eyes opened to see the dawn of a new day – each and every day. That’s three hundred and sixty-five times. It means that you have survived every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, in spite of any challenges you might have faced. Excellent job!

As we enter the road of 2018, may we bring with us only the blessings received in 2017. May our paths be smooth and may we be inspired to accomplish even greater things. Ifa a gbe wa o! Ase wa! Ase ire! Amin! Amen!

Ire o!

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