Orí wo ibi rere gbé mi dé.
Orí look for a good place and take me there.

Esè wo ibi rere sì mí gbá.
Feet follow me to that good place.

The Yorùbá meaning of Orí is head. It is described by some as our own personal god, our inner intuition that guides us through life. Orí is destiny. Without the guidance of Orí we cannot fulfill our destiny. We should always look to Orí for guidance. Our first prayer of each day should be offered to Orí. The Yorùbá lifestyle teaches us that our life here on earth is pre-destined and it is Orí who will lead us to the fulfillment of our destiny.

Before leaving heaven to come to earth we sought and received blessings from Olódùmarè (Almighty God) for what we intend to accomplish while here on earth. This was witnessed by Orí. After Olódùmarè gave us the blessings, Orí ensured that proper arrangements were made to position us for success with our intentions. Sadly, because many of us lack the understanding, we have not always followed the guidance of Orí and as a result have experienced difficulties that could have been avoided. I dare not say that these difficulties were not necessary. I believe that sometimes we need to learn from the experience of undesired circumstances.

It is critical that we make every effort to become and stay I alignment with Orí. This is key to fulfillment of our destiny. Being in alignment fortifies us with the ability to discern if it is Orí that is guiding us. Being in alignment with Orí averts us from unprogressive distractions of this world. Orí will NEVER lead us in the wrong direction. Being in alignment with Orí also brings us inner peace and contentment with life, no matter the circumstances. Being in alignment with Orí gives us confidence to make decisions that are in our best interest – decisions that are in line with our destiny.

Orí is above all. Orisa cannot assist us without the blessings of Orí. Messages decoded by Orunmila are sent to us from Orí by way of Odù. During Ifá divination, it is Orí who calls specific Odù to assist us. I thank to Orí for being my compass and assisting me with navigating my path. I’ve had to experience many difficulties in my life before coming to this realization. But, adupe o! Thanks be to God! I finally get it.

I’ve learned that I am totally accountable for all bad decisions that I’ve made although they might have been made with the influence of others. Or quite frankly, as result of not doing what I needed to do to be attuned to Orí. Unfortunately, because I was not always focused on what Orí would have me do, I have had to suffer the consequences of making decisions against the will of Orí. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that advice given by others are not to be considered; however, before acting on their input, we must determine if Orí is in agreement. The question then becomes, “How do I determine if Orí is in agreement?” The answer is simple though the task might be difficult…do the work needed to become in alignment with Orí.

Are we being disrespectful when we don’t follow the guidance of Orí? I don’t believe that we intentionally disrespect Orí but the fact is, if we are not in sync it becomes easy for us to make decisions that can take us away from the path to destiny fulfillment. Many may have our best interest at heart but ultimately, our obligation should be to Orí. We must be obedient to Orí.

Ire o!

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